Rise Of The Synths – 2020

Narrated by iconic director John
Carpenter, The Rise Of The Synths travelled to 9 countries to interview
the scene’s biggest stars and original trailblazers. The film explores
the roots of the now breakout Synthwave scene, charting its humble
online and underground beginnings to itsimpact on today’s pop culture.

So what is Synthwave? An irresistible blend of nostalgia and music;
of creative processes and cultural references; of reappropriation and
legitimate creation. More than a random revival, Synthwave has become a
celebration of shared memories, with an ever-evolving sound now emerging
as a chart topping worldwide retro cultural phenomenon.

Documentary film. 82 minutes. hd

Written and directed by iván castell

Narrated by John Carpenter

Original Soundtrack by Ogre

Produced by castell & moreno films (spain) and 9am media lab (USA)

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